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Southern Pines

Downtown Southern Pines

Downtown Southern Pines just has that vibe. It’s great place to live if you want to be able to step off your porch and be in great coffee shop or watching live music or having a great meal in just a few minutes.

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What are the homes like?

Eclectic is the best term.  Ranging from less than 1,000 sq. ft. to no more than 3,000 sq. ft., most of the Downtown houses were built between about 1925 and 1960, with a fair share of bungalows and small cottages.  Some have been renovated and some are pure originals.  There are a few larger homes that have been turned into apartments . . . . . . and there are also a lot of new craftsman style homes.  Lately, there have been a few loft condos built with more on the drawing board.  In other words, there’s more variety than you’d imagine.

Downtown is a neighborhood where you’ll benefit from having a guide with local knowledge!

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Living in town is a popular lifestyle choice – and for good reason.  Southern Pines is a true original – the kind of place that urban planners spend millions trying to recreate.  You can live in a cool bungalow; and walk or ride your bike to:

Dozens of Restaurants – from taco and pizza joints to high end foodie haunts

Coffee Shops, Locally-owned Boutiques and Outfitters

An old fashioned bookstore where you can either browse or order a book and get it just as fast as Amazon can get it to you.

Watch an indie film or take in a concert at the historic Sunrise Theater

You get the picture – if not, check out our DO LIST of all the places we’re talking about!!

Why Downtown Southern Pines?

You’re right IN downtown So Pines.  It’s the hottest spot in the area.  If you are in this neighborhood, you can stroll into town in less than 10 minutes depending on the exact location of your house.  You’ll find coffee shops, locally owned shops, the historic Sunrise Theater, brewpubs, cool restaurants – and the list goes on and on.  So Pines is also home to numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year and a great farmers market in the warmer months.  There’s a lot more – but you get the picture!

Downtown Southern Pines might be your neighborhood if:

  • You’ve always lived in town.
  • You’ve never lived in town, but you’ve always wanted to.
  • You don’t want to be more than a 5 minute’s walk from a place where you can buy a Taylor Guitar, a Patagonia Jacket or a taste of your favorite cheese from France.
  • You’re OK living in close proximity to other folks, a pretty diverse set of folks at that.

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In our office, we think of Downtown as the area of gridded streets and square blocks bisected by Broad Street. Basically, that covers about 60 square blocks.