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Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a relatively New Neighborhood in Aberdeen. The first homes were built beginning in around 2001. It’s very conveniently located in the city limits of Aberdeen, yet very close to Southern Pines. The community is quiet . . . . . and is a mix of young families and couples. The houses are on the small side, but the ones we’ve visited are very well built and you see a number of brick houses.

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What are the homes like?

The majority of homes in Hidden Valley have 3 bedrooms and just under 2,000 square feet. Most homes in the Neighborhood were built between 2000 and 2010, although there are a few much newer homes. Typically, the newer homes (built since 2010) are 2 story, while the original houses a single story (some with bonus rooms over the garage)

Why Hidden Valley?

It’s quiet and convenient to everything at the same time. You can’t just stumble upon Hidden Valley. It’s not really in a valley, but it is kind of hidden off the beaten path. There are some smaller homes in the neighborhood, which we like because it’s a less expensive option if you don’t need all the square footage that you’d be paying for in the adjacent neighborhoods like

Hidden Valley might be your neighborhood if:

  • You’re looking at 3 bedrooms in Aberdeen.
  • You want to be very close to Southern Middle School.
  • Your budget is under $250,000 (average price is around $190,000)

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Get to Hidden Valley by turning of US 1onto Magnolia Drive and passing the Town & Country Shopping Center, then take a left onto Robins Rd. The Neighborhood is just 5 minutes from Southern Middle School; and you can also drive to Hidden Valley from Southern Middle by taking back roads (and avoid getting onto US 1).