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James Creek

James Creek is great family neighborhood at the edge of Weymouth Woods and on the Ft Bragg side of Southern Pines. It’s an established community of medium to large sized homes generally on larger lots. Over the years, we’ve known a lot of folks with housefuls of children and pets who have grown up in James Creek!! When we say . . . . it’s by Weymouth Woods, we mean it’s actually the only established neighborhood that borders the Park. So, if you live in James Creek you can get to Weymouth Woods without crossing a road. And . . . . you can get into James Creek for under $300K!

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What are the homes like?

The majority of the homes in James Creek are 2 story homes that were built between 1975 and 2000 . . . . and most are on at least ¾ acre lots. In fact, quite a few of the houses in James Creek are built on lots that are larger than 1 acre. You see a lot of treehouses in James Creek as well!!! The homes are generally well maintained inside and out, although most of the buyers we’ve represented have chosen to upgrade kitchens and baths, especially in some of the older homes. On average, we’ve found that the homes in James Creek are very well built . . . . and in many cases the quality of construction is much better than you see today!! James Creek is also a neighborhood where you can add on in addition to renovating. There have been a number of renovated homes in James Creek that have sold in the hi $300k’s to mid $400k’s, so there’s often room for significant renovating/additions.

Why James Creek?

Weymouth Woods. Privacy. Quiet streets. Lots of neighbors with children. And did we mention . . . . . Weymouth Woods!

James Creek might be your neighborhood if:

  • You want to live close to So Pines in a larger home on a large lot and your budget is from $300K – $450k.
  • You put a premium on privacy.
  • You want to be close to Ft Bragg or Weymouth Woods (or both).
  • You’re willing to consider homes on solid foundations and in great locations that need a bit of updating if located in areas where renovating adds real value.
  • You have abig family and/or lots of pets.

Stats Overview

Average Listing Price

$ 357,000

Average Sale Price

$ 338,000

Avg. Price/Sq. Ft


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James Creek is located at the corner of Indiana Avenue and Ft. Bragg Rd in Southern Pines, with entrances off of both roads. You can’t get anywhere else once you turn into James Creek, so there’s only neighborhood traffic. There is NOT a public entrance or parking area for Weymouth Woods located inside of James Creek.