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Kensington Village

Kensington Village is an established neighborhood of small homes located in Aberdeen – BUT ACTUALLY it is much closer to Southern Pines

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What are the homes like?

Small! But that’s OK if it’s all you need. The homes are between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet with an average price in the $130k’s.

Why Kensington Village?

It’s close to Downtown Southern Pines and it’s a great place to meet people if you are new to the area. Several of the folks here at McDevitt Realty started out in Kensington Village.

Kensington Village might be your neighborhood if:

  • You need a small home CLOSE TO SOUTHERN PINES.
  • You can qualify for mortgage to buy something under $150k.
  • You want to pay less per month to own that you probably already pay in rent!!
  • You are looking for an investment/rental property.


Kensington Village is located off of Saunders Boulevard and it’s literally closer to Southern Pines than Aberdeen and Pinehurst. It’s very close to both towns.