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Old Town Pinehurst

Old Town Pinehurst is just one of those magical places that makes for cherished memories.   Living in the Old Town Pinehurst neighborhood means that you can walk from home to get a cup of coffee at The Villager, meet friends for dinner at Dugans Pub or stroll to the Arboretum to catch a concert.  Some folks use the term “Village” by itself when talking about Old Town.

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What are the homes like?

Houses in Old Town come in all sizes, ages and conditions.  If you’re considering Old Town, you just have to look at everything on the market.  Prices are all over the board, from tiny cottages in the $200k’s that need renovating  . . . . .  to fully decked out and renovated historic homes over $1.5 Million.  Most of the houses are somewhere in between.  Pricing is very dependent on the condition of the house and the specific location within Old Town.  The Village is rambling and quirky . . . . and it feels a little like being in Scotland or an little village in New England.  Thankfully, it’s a bit easier to reach than Scotland  . . . . .  and a lot warmer than New England!!!

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