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Seven Lakes

Seven Lakes West

Seven Lakes West is the ONLY gated Golf AND Lake community in the immediate Pinehurst area.  In addition to a country club with an 18 hole golf course. The 3,000 + acre neighborhood features the area’s most serious lake if you are boating enthusiast (Lake Auman).  As if that wasn’t enough, the Morganwood section of the community features horse farm tracts.   A few years ago, when NC 211 was a 2 lane road all the way to Pinehurst, that was a bit of negative for some folks.  But, the widening of NC 211 to 4 lanes has been a huge benefit to the neighborhood – cutting 5 – 10 minutes off the drive to Pinehurst!

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What are the homes like?

At 7LW, the housing options range from interior homes starting in the high $100k’s to large lakefront homes over $1Million and just about everything in between.  The oldest homes in the community were built in the mid 1980’s, and the newest . . . . . brand spanking new!  Keep in mind that every property owner in 7LW gets access to Lake Auman.  If you want a lakefront property, it’s possible to find a home for under about $450k, but in that range you’d be looking at a house that is either: (1) really really small; or (2) in poor condition, or (3) on a lot that’s no so good and on a cove with very shallow water/limited lake views.  There are a few waterfront lots available for sale – expect to pay from $150k to $300k for good buildable lakefront lot with views and great lake access.  But remember, there’s a huge value in owning an interior home at 7LW, as you get access to the lake, boat launch areas, waterfront picnic areas and an onsite boat storage area.

Why Seven Lakes West?

Obviously, Lake Auman is the main amenity at Seven Lakes West.  It’s a 1,000 acre lake sparkling with pristine spring fed water.  There are other lakes in the area, but Lake Auman is the place for serious boaters or those of you who want lakefront property with expansive water views.  Keep in mind  . . . . . if you own property in Seven Lakes West, you get access to the Lake – even if your property is not waterfront.

There’s a fantastic marina with boat slips and boat launch areas.  Plus, property owners have access to the boat and trailer storage area inside of the gates at 7LW.   The community center features meeting facilities as well as wonderful swimming pool complex.  Also inside of the gates, Beacon Ridge Country Club has a nice clubhouse, a pool and tennis courts . . . . and that’s in addition to the 18 hole golf course!  Club membership fees are among the lowest in the area; and property owners can choose NOT to join Beacon Ridge CC – and opting out of club membership does not affect your right to use the lake, marina, swimming pool, nature trails, boat storage areas.

Seven Lakes West might be your neighborhood if:

  • You’re a lake person!!
  • You want to be live on the area’s largest lake – or have access to the lake.
  • You want to live in a gated community
  • Your budget is anywhere between $200k and $400k for interior homes; and $500k and up for lakefront property.

Stats Overview

Avg. List Price (Waterfront/Interior)

$580k / $285k

Avg. Sale Price (Waterfront/Interior)

$550k / $273k

Avg. Price/Sq. Ft. (Waterfront/Interior)

$165 / $101

Low Sale (Waterfront/Interior)

$300k / $167k

Hi Sale: (Waterfront/Interior)

$935k / $499k


The main gate is on NC Rte 211 just 10 to 12 minutes West of Pinehurst.