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Village Acres

Village Acres is a great Pinehurst Neighborhood known for smaller homes that are right in the thick of things.  Village Acres is located next to FirstHealth Regional Hospital and it’s right on the Greenway Trail close to the main park in Pinehurst, shopping, local schools, etc.    Locals sometimes call Village Acres the  “Gun Club” neighborhood.  Sounds strange at first, huh!!!  In the old days, the Pinehurst Resort actually maintained a shooting club on the property; and it was called the “Annie Oakley Gun Club”.  It’s no longer there of course, but it’s still a piece of Pinehurst History.

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What are the homes like?

The average price in Village Acres is in the high $100k’s, making it just about the most economically priced neighborhood in Pinehurst.  It’s also a pretty safe bet when it comes to buying a home that you can sell easily when you decide to upsize as your family grows!  Houses in Village Acres are mostly 3BR; and the majority of them are around 2,000 sq. ft.

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There are several entrances to Village Acres. The main entrances are located on NC 211 near FirstHealth, and on 15-501. There’s also a “back entrance” that leads onto Murdocksville Road and right across from Olmstead Village Shopping Center where you can shop for Groceries at Lowe’ Foods, go the pharmacy, dine in one of several restaurants including two of our favorites – the Marketplace and New York Deli!!