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Weymouth Heights

Weymouth Heights (sometimes just called Weymouth) is the oldest neighborhood in Southern Pines.   There’s a tremendous variance in home size and price in Weymouth.  For example, there’s an occasional small fixer-upper for under $200k.  At the same time, there have been home sales over $1 Million.  There are homes on small ½ acre lots . . . . . .  and some on lots as large as 5 acres.  There’s just as much variety when it comes to residents . . . .  from singles to grandparents who still live in the same house where they raised their own kids!  It’s fantastic neighborhood with quiet streets.

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What are the homes like?

Building Lots in Weymouth are few and far between.  There are a few vacant lots left, but the owners generally hold them for a long time.  Here’s a link to see all Weymouth Building Lots for sale in real time, but chances are the search will come up empty!!  If you have your heart set on building a new home in Weymouth, your best bet is to contact us and we’ll map out a strategy.  We know all of the owners of the remaining lots, and usually with our connections and a little patience, we can find one for you if you are willing to wait . . . .  and be ready when we call with good news!!

Why Weymouth Heights?

Weymouth Heights is not a planned community with a clubhouse, committees and rules.   There’s no gate and there’s not even an entrance sign!   The prime amenities are the location and frankly . . . . the neighbors who come from all walks of life.  The beauty of the neighborhood also qualifies as an amenity in our opinion . . . . older homes of all sizes in a forest with beautiful older trees that have simply evolved organically into a great place to live.

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Weymouth Heights is located between Downtown Southern Pines and Weymouth Woods State Park and between Connecticut Ave and Indiana Avenue. As such, some of the homes in the neighborhood are just a few blocks from Downtown . . . . . and other’s are a short walk to Weymouth Woods. It’s one of the most convenient places to live if you commute to Fort Bragg /Pope.