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Whispering Winds

Whispering Winds is an established neighborhood in the Farm Life School District.  There are fewer than 100 homes in the subdivision, with a good mix of homes built over the last 15 years.   There’s not a major thoroughfare road in the neighborhood, so it’s fairly quiet and private.   The community has the feel of being more established than some of the more recently developed neighborhoods.

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What are the homes like?

We like Whispering Winds because it’s steady – not overbuilt or underbuilt.  A lot of    the houses are brick and there’s a reasonable variety.  Occasionally, there’s a sale under $225k or over $375K, but most of the sales are somewhere in the middle.  In our experience, there are a lot of very spacious single level homes in WW; and a lot of them are brick.

Why Whispering Winds?

The major amenities are:  Proximity to Reservoir Park and the Greenway – both just a short drive from Whispering Winds.  Also, the neighborhood is close knit – and the residents seem to enjoy being neighbors.

Whispering Winds might be your neighborhood if:

  • You want to live in a new home in the Farm Life School District
  • You are looking for a single level brick home in the $300k’s

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Whispering Winds is off of Airport Road.