Pinehurst Golf Course Directory

Golf Course Directory

Pinehurst Golf Course Directory

Here’s a Quick Reference Guide of Area Courses that are open to the public. Some of the following may be limited to resort guests or may be available only through package deals (these are identified**). The blue highlighted titles are linked to course reviews.

Homes and Building Lots are available at most of these courses, and some of them have golf condos and townhomes. There are several other totally private residential country clubs in the Pinehurst area. Since they are not open to the public, they are not included here.

Southern Pines CC (Donald Ross), Southern Pines, NC, (910) 692-6551. Awesome course. Reasonable Rates. 10 minutes from Pinehurst and in the heart of Southern Pines.

Beacon Ridge CC  (G. Hamm), Seven Lakes, NC, (910) 673-2950. 18 holes. In Seven Lakes, 20 minutes from Pinehurst. OK, Course.

Foxfire CC  Foxfire Village, NC, (910) 295-5555

  • East Course  (G. Hamm)
  • West Course  (G. Hamm)

2 Very Good Courses just 10 minutes from Pinehurst.

Hyland Hills Golf Club  (Tom Jackson), Southern Pines, NC, (910) 692-3752. 18 Holes. Nice Course. Great Rates. Located on Hwy. 1 just North of Southern Pines.

Knollwood Golf Club (C. Pitts) (9 hole course), Southern Pines, NC (910) 692-3572. The best public practice facility in the area – by far. A good place to get in 9 quick easy holes. Easy Course.

Legacy Golf Club (Jack Nicklaus II), Aberdeen, NC, (910) 944-8825. 18 Holes. 15 minutes from Pinehurst on Hwy. 15-501. Very Good Course. Decent Rates.

Little River Country Club  (Dan Maples), Carthage, NC (910) 949-4600. 18 Holes. Very Scenic & Hilly. Decent Rates. Good Course.

Longleaf Country Club  (Dan Maples), Southern Pines, NC (910) 692-6100. 18 Holes. Between Pinehurst and Southern Pines on Midland Road. Easy course and convenient. Good rates.

Midland Country Club  (9 hole course), Pinehurst, NC, (910) 295-3241. Easy 9 Holes if you are short on time. On Midland Road between Pinehurst and Southern Pines.

Mid Pines Golf Club  (Donald Ross), Southern Pines, NC (910) 692-9362. 18 Holes. Awesome Course. Challenging but fair. Beautiful place. Open to Resort Guests and Public. On Midland Road across from Pine Needles in Southern Pines. Worth the $ to play.

Mid South Country Club  ( Arnold Palmer), Southern Pines, NC (910) 692-3193 **. 18 Holes. Excellent Course. Private. On Midland Road across from Longleaf.

National Golf Club #9  (Jack Nicklaus), Pinehurst, NC (910) 295-5340. 18 Holes – Genuine Nicklaus Signature Course. Awesome Course. Very Challenging. Play can be arranged if interested in joining. Off Midland Road ¼ mile from the traffic circle.

Pinehurst Resort and CC  – Pinehurst, NC, (910) 235-8141 **

  • No. 1  (Donald Ross), open to resort guests and members.
  • No. 2  (Donald Ross), open to resort guests and members.
  • No. 3  (Donald Ross), open to resort guests and members.
  • No. 4 (Tom Fazio), open to resort guests and members.
  • No. 5  (Ellis Maples), open to resort guests and members.
  • No. 6  (Tom Fazio), open to resort guests and members.
  • No. 7  (Rees Jones), Private
  • No. 8  (Tom Fazio), Resort Course Only.

Pine Needles Golf Club  (Donald Ross) Southern Pines, NC (910) 692-7111. 18 Holes. Awesome Course. Open to Pine Needles Resort Guests and Public. On Midland Road in Southern Pines across from Mid Pines. 5 minutes from Pinehurst.

Worth the $ to play.

Pinewild Country Club, Pinehurst NC, (910) 295-5145 **

  • Magnolia Course  (Gene Hamm)
  • Azalea Course  (Gene Hamm)

Both very good courses. Private. Off Linden Road in Pinehurst.

The Pit Golf Links  (Dan Maples), Aberdeen, NC (910) 944-1600. 18 Holes. Very good course. Good Rates. Off Hwy 5 between Pinehurst and Aberdeen. 5 Minutes from Pinehurst.

Seven Lakes Country Club (Peter Tufts), Seven Lakes, NC (910) 673-1092. 18 Holes. Course OK. 20 minutes from Pinehurst off NC Hwy 211.

Talamore Golf Club (Rees Jones), Southern Pines, NC (910) 692-5884. 18 Holes. Great Course. In Southern Pines on Midland Road.

Tobacco Road Golf Club (Mike Stranz), Sanford, NC (877) 284-3762. 18 Holes. 30 minutes North of Southern Pines just off US 1 North. Great Course. This the only course on this list that does not have homes and lots or any other residential component.

Whispering Pines Country Club (Ellis Maples), Whispering Pines, NC (910) 949-3000

  • East Course
  • West Course

Both courses are excellent. Open to the public. Fair rates. 10 Minutes from Pinehurst.

Whispering Woods Country Club (Ellis Maples), Whispering Pines, NC (910) 949-4653. 18 Holes. The course is Good. Low Rates. 10 Minutes from Pinehurst.

Woodlake Country Club, Vass, NC (910) 245-7137

  • Palmer Course  ( Arnold Palmer)
  • Maples Course  (Ellis Maples)

Good courses. 20 minutes North of Southern Pines on US 1, then go east on Lobelia Road. Open to the public. Reasonable rates.

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