Pinehurst, NC Golf Property

Pinehurst, NC Golf Property

What does the term Golf Property mean anyway? In a way, all property in Pinehurst is Golf Property because of its proximity to so many golf courses. At McDevitt Town & Country Properties, though, we consider a house or lot to be Golf Property if it is: (a) located in a community that has a golf course; (b) located on a golf course; (c) located in a place where it has a view of a golf course; or (d) comes with a membership to Country Club with a golf course.

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Can I find Pinehurst golf property even if I am on a budget?

Yes. One of the great things about Pinehurst is that if offers great value in real estate. There are million dollar homes in the area, of course, but homes in Pinehurst average about $260,000. Condos average much less.

What the advantages of living on a golf course?

The location and view. These factors contribute to the preservation of the value of real estate. There is a finite amount of land available on golf courses; and the lessons from ECON 101 hold true when it comes to real estate – it is always good to own something that is in limited supply. Living on a golf course means that you will always have a view of a course, and there is very little chance that some other kind of development will occur in your back yard.

What are the disadvantages of living on a golf course?

If you live on a golf course, there is always a chance that an errant shot will find its way into your yard. In rare instances, you may even get a broken window. Golfers might come into your yard to retrieve their shots. Overall, though, golfers are usually very courteous when it comes to respecting your privacy – after all, that’s one of the reasons golf is so popular!

How much does it cost to join a Country Club in the Pinehurst Area?

Country Club initiation fees range from around $500 to well over $50,000. The important thing is that there is a club for just about every budget.

What if I do not want to join a Country Club – where will I play golf?

There are over 35 local Golf Courses that are open to public play in Pinehurst and Southern Pines. There is almost always a special rate at one or more of these courses. You can also purchase a Golf Capital Card for $55 per year. The card gets you great discounts at about a dozen of the area courses.

Can I own my own golf cart and drive to the Country Club in my community?

Some of the area Country Clubs permit members to own their own carts, and many local homes even have their own golf cart garages! Clubs that permit the use of carts usually charge some kind of a nominal fee – after all, the use of private carts cuts down on cart rental revenue. In the end, though, using your own private cart is more economical than renting. Ask your agent for details about whether a Club you are interested in has a cart rental program.

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