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Sandhurst is a neighborhood on the Ft Bragg side of Southern Pines with moderately priced homes. Actually, Sandhurst consists of three sections, Sandhurst, Sandhurst West and Sandhurst South. They blend together … and the composition of each one is comparable to the others. If you were looking in one part of Sandhurst, you’d want to look at the other sections at least for comparison purposes … so we are treating all 3 as one neighborhood. The neighborhood is popular with families interested in any easy commute to Ft Bragg. Home prices in Sandhurst range from the mid $200k’s to high $300k’s.


Most the houses in Sandhurst were built prior to 2000, and the median size is around 2,500 sq/ ft., with 3 or 4 Bedrooms. There are newer homes in Sandhurst; and usually they are on the larger and more expensive end of the scale (there are a number of 4 -5 homes that are 3,500 – 4,500 sq. ft). Sandhurst is located close to both Highland Trails and James Creek. In terms of price, Sandhurst is somewhere between Highland Trails and James Creek, with typical homes selling in the upper $200k’s.

The major difference between Sandhurst and Highland Trails is that houses in Sandhurst are bit little larger and newer. The major differences between Sandhurst and James Creek – James Creek offers a bit more privacy and James Creek homes are usually on larger lots. Sandhurst is in a great location if you commute to Ft. Bragg via Connecticut Ave. For resale purposes (in comparison to James Creek), you’d be better off buying on the high side of average price in Sandhurst than buying on the low side of average price in James Creek.


Sandhurst is very close to Weymouth Woods, where you’ll find miles and miles of trails. It’s also just around the corner from Sandhurst Park, a recently completed Park in Southern Pines.


  • It’s important for you to be close to Ft. Bragg.
  • You’d like to be close to Southern Pines.
  • Highland Trails homes are just a bit too small, while homes are James Creek might flirt with exceeding your budget.