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There are a lot of horse properties across the globe. Regardless of how unique, well-maintained or appealing your horse property is, there’ll always be a handful of other horse properties which are just as unique, well-maintained and appealing as yours. Some of these horse properties might even be better from what you own. Because of this variety, it’ll be hard for you to sell your real estate horse property. You’ll have to be ahead of the competition so your horse property will stand out and sellers will choose yours over other sellers.  If you want to get your real estate horse property ready for selling, take note of the tips below:

  1. Make sure to maintain the land:

    First things first: You need to make sure that your property is actually suitable for selling. Your horse property should create a scenery where horses are grazing peacefully on healthy lush green lands. When buyers see this, they’ll be enticed to purchase the property from you. This is the reason why before promoting your property, you should spend time and effort in making repairs and decluttering your horse property. These small changes can go a long way for you to gain the traction you need.

  • Barn:

    Barns can be difficult to clean due to its structure, ceiling, and space. Start by getting rid of cobwebs, sweeping the barn aisles and cleaning the stalls. You should also consider buying rubber mats for each of your stalls because many buyers look for these before they buy a property.

  • Fencing:

    Fences are very visible especially if you own a very large property. Regardless of how clean your barn is, if the fences are poorly-maintained and old, buyers will be discouraged to do business with you. Evaluate the current fencing of your property. Is it intact? Are there any boards which should be replaced or repaired? Is the paint already chipped? As a property owner, immediately respond to your fencing needs. If you’re planning to install brand new fences before selling your property, opt to use wood. Wood fences are appealing and safe. No matter what kind of fencing you use, keep in mind that these should prevent horses from escaping or getting hurt.

  • Pastures and turnouts:

    Your horse property will never be complete without pastures and turnouts. Similar to how you keep your stalls clean, you should also do the same with your pastures and turnouts. You should mow and trim your pastures on a steady basis especially during summer and spring months. These are necessary in order for your pastures to be groomed.

  • Arenas:

    If you have an existing arena on your horse property, assess if it needs any repair and clean it thoroughly as well. If you don’t have any yet, consider building an arena before selling your horse property. This is an excellent investment which will drastically affect the soundness of the horses.

  1. Network at equine events:

    If horse-related events are usually happening in your area, stay tuned on when and where these are held. Sign up for local memberships or online updates, so you can receive notifications whenever there’s an upcoming horse-related event. When you’re in an equine event, don’t forget to converse with different people and promote your horse property as often as possible. Just make sure that you’re doing it professionally and appropriately. Equine events are an excellent avenue to know people who have the same interests as you thus, increasing your chances of getting a sale from a buyer.

  2. Promote your horse property using flyers:

    Promoting your horse property using flyers is still effective as long as you’re posting these in the right places. Work with a professional photographer to take pictures of your horse property and print these in flyers. Post these flyers in tack shops and feed stores in your local area. These are good locations to attract buyers who are interested in horse properties.

Understand and communicate external benefits:

Assess everything around your horse property. Is there a nearby community which sells products for horses? Are the neighbors friendly and love horses as well? Is a carpenter living near the horse property? All of the external factors around your horse property can become your selling points as well.